The Normal

And what seemed like a normal every day morning changed into another normal of introspection and over thinking

 I woke up at 5 am (normal usual time), picked up my phone ( habit), and started browsing randomly ( another usual). Amidst this normal/usual , I came across a travel blog from a 19 year globetrotter from Delhi 

While generally speaking, nothing would seem out of normal about a 19 year old woman from India traveling solo…as I have always been big on traveling alone ( why, that’s for another time), what truly struck me was the fact that she went took the plunge and more importantly was living her dream. And that to me was not normal about this morning

It got me thinking ( remember another normal for me) on how we create this “normal” for us, complain, contemplate, play victim and have practiced and mastered the art of blaming everyone and everything around us, for our “normal” and here is a 19 yr old who is defying and defining her own normal

Trust me I feel ashamed of all the thoughts that a typical ” X!#@@ ” would think crossed my mind too. Are her parents comfortable with her traveling alone, is it safe etc etc…but the funny thing is while I/we contemplate and think and mull over all this..she is planning her next trip somewhere . 

This just made me smile, wish her the best and made me pray this morning that more people would go ahead and live their dreams 

As for me – First step is to change the “normal” and writing this is not normal to begin with