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Test and Learn in the “New Normal”

The unprecedented pandemic has led to adoption and acceleration of transformation ( especially digital) in organizations at an unprecedented level. It requires a new way of thinking/operationalizing which enables businesses to stay the course on their longer-term strategy whilst building ( enhancing ) capabilities to create short terms business value or impact with the evolving “new Normal”.
 Test and learn though been around for a while, probably will(should) take center stage. Test & Learn, simply put, is a set of practices to test ideas to predict impact.
 It goes without saying that customer is at the heart of test and learn. Test and learn strategy should be “truly” customer centric and if possible involve real customers through interviews, focus groups, surveys etc. A good test and learn should have these 3 tenets ( 3I) at the core among others

  • Insights driven – ( obv right). The test and learn should be insights driven but also have clear KPI and ability to comprehend the insights from the exercise. This again would fuel the hypothesis and also help build the strategic roadmap
  • Iterative Milestones– The whole exercise should be “modularized” as much as possible and can run multiple sprints
  • Intrapreneurial – The intrapreneurial mindset is a key to success. The team and organization as a whole should have the speed , agility and the ability to pivot as needed. 

Thoughts/suggestions ?

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