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Content Marketing – “What it means….. what it should”

I hear about content marketing and the need and benefits of content strategy not only within the organization but also in the digital marketing fraternity. Every one you talk to today, will tell you how imp content marketing is. Then  why is it so hard to really come up with a good content strategy strategy?

Are we the victims of our own knowledge …..or lack thereof.

In day and age where the attention span is getting shorter, options are getting wider, I still see lot of companies still talking about the product details, technical details and their companies internal lingo where as they should be writing about the customer need or pain point and if I may say customer lingo.

We are still very inward out …than outward in

Secondly, I feel one of the biggest mistakes marketers make is when they try to wear both hats, one what they are supposed to as product/marketers and second as a customer. Let us not pretend to know what the customer need/ pain point is. I have sat in or witnessed so may meetings where we discuss about what the customer would want to hear about, what their pain points are, what our products/ services should be offering. But bottom line is, it’s all a guess work and us pretending to wear customer hat.

When you so close to the product/service…it is hard to be objective and think like a customer

Meeting needs is essential to have a valuable product/service, but when it comes to writing “good customer centeric content” that generates leads/sales, we need to make sure that the benefits we list down are what our customers want instead of what we think they need.

Needs are boring …wants is what excites us